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Well Drilling

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Slow Pump

Just like any other piece of machinery, water well pumps break down over time. If you are experiencing a constant lack of water pressure, it may be time to invest in a new water pump for your well to restore regular water pressure to your system. A second possibility is the pressure switch, which automatically starts the pump when pressure drops to a preset minimum. Faulty switches may not reset at all and should be replaced.

Pressure System

If pressure settings are incorrect, water pressure will regularly drop below usable levels and then return to normal. If an overpressure valve blows, water vents from the valve with the force of a broken pipe. If the tank's bladder (the collapsible balloon inside the tank) ruptures you will have water only when the pump is running. Pressure will fail almost instantly when the pump slopes.

Frozen Pipes

If you wake up in winter to a cold morning and no water, frozen pipes are the likely reason. Electric heat tape wrapped around trouble spots may thaw pipes without damage, but expanding ice could fracture pipes or separate fittings. Check problem spots after the flow begins again and repair leaks. If you experience an unexplained drop in pressure, always check for damaged pipes. Partial failures may not divert enough water to completely disrupt service.

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